Snow leopard roaming Polish countryside? (articles & video link)

Polish villagers in fear of killer cat

Last updated 10:07 26/03/2009

Residents of a Polish village are living in fear as a large wild cat stalks the rural area feasting on their livestock. Locals in the village – in Poland‘s southwest, near Opole – have been warned to only travel by car and to stay inside at night while the cat remains on the loose. Experts have analysed hair left at kill scenes and believe the cat to be a rare snow leopard. The animal is known to be fast, agile and very dangerous. However, the randomness of the strikes doesn’t fit with typical feeding habits associated with the breed, and experts are worrying the cat has upped the ante because it is bored.To date, the only image of the large cat is jumpy and grainy cellphone footage. But locals are convinced the cat is out there and are heeding warnings until it’s caught.

Video found here: Killer Cat Roams Poland Residents in south western Poland are living in fear of a mysterious predator blamed for attacking and killing livestock over the past few days.The animal is thought to be a rare snow leopard. It’s has been sighted numerous times around Opole and has even been recorded on a mobile phone camera by a resident of Biala village. At another location, a driver informed the police that a big cat had jumped over his moving car while chasing a deer. Second video link: