Snow leopard Webinars

Welcome to SLN’s snow leopard Webinar series from snow leopard experts across the world. Our guest speakers share with you the latest developments in both science and conservation policy and practice across the snow leopard range. A brief inspiring talk is followed by a discussion period where we explore ideas in further depth, drawing on our experts experience and knowledge. Scroll down to view the latest Webinars that took place live in 2020.

Snow leopard research and conservation in Nepal: Past, Present and Future

Nepal has a long and very special history in snow leopard conservation. Research and conservation efforts in Nepal were path finding for the wider snow leopard community. In this month’s Webinar, we are delighted to welcome Gopal Khanal, who is currently working as Assistant Conservation Officer in Shey Phoksundo, the largest National Park of Nepal and home to a significant population of snow leopards. We also are joined by Dr. Som Ale, a member of SLN’s Committee, who has been working in snow leopard conservation in Nepal, for over two decades. Together, our guests bridge past and present, with a special focus on community based conservation, through the lens of policy and research. We also look towards Nepal’s snow leopard conservation agenda for the next decade.


Snow leopard conservation: Reflections from the past

We would like to invite you to our fourth SLN webinar of 2020. This webinar takes us back to consider snow leopard conservation efforts over the longer term. We are extremely pleased to welcome our guest Dr. Raghu Chundawat, who has followed snow leopard conservation since the 1980s.

Our guest is interviewed by Dr. Koustubh Sharma, for 30 min, followed by a 30 min discussion period with Dr. Joseph Fox, who joined us as a discussant. Raghu reflects on a time when very little was known about the snow leopard. In particular, he shares recollections of the very real challenges of studying snow leopards in the wild. Watch this very special Webinar where we travel to the past and hear important perspectives of conservation developing over this extensive stretch of time. 


Population Assessment of the World’s Snow Leopards: The Why & How

We would like to invite you to our third SLN webinar of 2020. Having heard updates from China and Mongolia, July’s Webinar turns towards a global perspective of snow leopard conservation. We are extremely pleased to welcome our guests- Dr. David Borchers and Dr. Koustubh Sharma- who will take us into the world of numbers and statistics about snow leopards in a practitioner friendly way.  

Our speakers, Dr. David Borchers and Dr. Koustubh Sharma, take us through the Why and the How of assessing the global snow leopard population. We discover the story of why (and when) the initiative of Population Assessment of the World’s Snow leopards (PAWS) emerged. We also discuss how PAWS can be achieved, including key ideas of spatial capture-recapture (SCR) and the power of SCR to analyse survey data. Finally we cover the latest developments in this fast-developing area of research. 

Thank you to all our participants who attended the live event. If you missed it please watch the recording below. 


A joint effort to map the snow leopard across Mongolia

We invite you to watch our second Snow Leopard Network webinar of this series; updates from snow leopard range countries. Our guest Dr. Gantulga Bayandonoi, from WWF-Mongolia, shares with us recent updates on a country level distribution survey of snow leopards in Mongolia. Dr. Bayandonoi’s presentation of 20 minutes is followed by a vibrant discussion on the conservation of the species and the National survey covering the entire snow leopard range of the country. Purejav Lkhagvajav, Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation Mongolia, joins us as guest discussant. 

Thank you to all the participants who joined us live.


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