SLN Training Initiative


The Snow Leopard Network is launching its first online research and conservation training course. These will be consist of a series of modules, each over a one month period, in which participants can build their skills and knowledge on a range of critical snow leopard related conservation tools. Do join us!

Our first set of topics centers on the idea of a holistic approach for snow leopard practitioners- from survey methods to community conservation approaches. The idea is for these to be as practical as possible, explicitly designed, for teams on the ground. The first set of Modules will cover topics that include: Camera Trapping surveys (Module 1); Prey Surveys (Module 2); Community Conservation approaches (Module 3); Socio-economic Assessments (Module 4), Genetics (Module 5), Distribution surveys (Module 6), Active listening (Module 7), Tourism (Module 8) and SMART conservation approaches (Module 9).

Each Module will be delivered over a one month period and members can apply to specific Modules depending on your interest. Teaching methods will be a mix of online and distance learning; all will be open access. Our trainers are drawn from the Snow Leopard Network, drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience. We are very appreciative of their finding time to join us in this effort and we look forward to members taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity. 

Look out for the different Modules as they become available online. If you missed the LIVE trainings we hope practitioners can still complete the course independently. Our goal is to make these tools as widely available and used as possible. 


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