Conservation Tools

Work is needed to assess threats and implement practical and replicable ways to protect snow leopards and mountain ecosystems. This requires strengthened cooperation between researchers, conservationists and governments across the snow leopard’s range. Here we aim to share good practices, expertise and experience regarding snow leopard conservation. Below is a growing list of resources. If there are additional tools or resources that you think should be here, please Contact us. Let us know!

Session 4: Conservation Optimism

Conservation Optimism The study of environmental bright spots (i.e., “instances where science has successfully influenced policy and practice”) can be a crucial tool to help humanity navigate the current environmental challenges it is facing (Cvitanovic & Hobday 2018). Conservation Optimism‘s mission is to empower researchers and organisations to tell these ...
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Management Planning

These GSLEP guidelines were originally designed to provide a handy toolkit to assist in the preparation of scientific, landscape level, climate smart management plans for the GSLEP landscapes in 2014. A Toolkit for Management Planning ...
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Tourism in Snow Leopard Habitats

This GSLEP document aims to provide a practical guide to ecologically and socially conscious tourism practices within snow leopard habitats. It is designed primarily for operators in the tourist industry but also has a potential wider audience of policy makers in conservation and economic development fields. ...
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PRISM Evaluation Toolkit

PRISM is an evaluation toolkit that helps practitioners plan and evaluate the conservation program outcomes and impacts. ...
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Valuation of Ecosystem Services

This GSLEP report provide the first assessment of the economic value of provisioning ecosystem services – the material goods from ecosystems – used by local people Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Snow Leopard Landscapes of Asia ...
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Partners Principles

A set of eight principles for building successful and ethical conservation partnerships with local communities in the habitat of a threatened species. PARTNERS Principles ...
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Evaluation Toolkit: Guide for Practitioners

This guide helps practitioners define relevant wellbeing outcomes and indicators and design an evaluation framework for conservation programs ...
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The Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS)

The Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS) was designed to provide a clear road map for conserving the species. It is a product of the membership of the Snow Leopard Network. Snow Leopard Survival Strategy ...
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Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Program

Snow Leopard Working Secretariat. 2013. Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. An International Effort to Save the Snow Leopard and Conserve High-Mountain Ecosystems Home ...
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