The most useful research and conservation tools, good practices guides, publications, books, briefings, websites for people working in snow leopard research and conservation.

As well as the Snow Leopard Network members own publications, we link to other useful resources for NGOs, conservationists and academics. If there’s anything you think should be added please let us know about it by Contacting us

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Recent Resources

Snow Leopard Bibliography

  • The SLN has compiled over 1100 references and more than 1000 full text documents, primarily of scientific nature, concerning the snow leopard and its habitat.

Research Approaches

  • From research design, data collection to analysis, stay updated on the latest research approaches.

Conservation Tools

  • With experts in fields ranging from community based conservation to advocacy, our members are always making progress toward sustainability and snow leopard conservation.

News & Views

  • Stay connected and up to date on the most recent news in snow leopard conservation with our blog. Check it out regularly or become a member to get the updates. 

Grants Program

  • The Snow Leopard Grants Program is designed to support research or conservation projects on snow leopards through a range of Grant opportunities.

Snow Leopard Links

  • Stay connected with organizations interested in conserving snow leopards and/or their fragile mountain environment.



  • Our guest speakers share with you the latest developments in both science and conservation policy and practice across the snow leopard range.


  • SLN is launching its first online training course: a series of modules in which participants can build their skills and knowledge on a range of critical snow leopard related conservation tools. Do join us!

Snow Leopard NEWS

  • Snow Leopard NEWS is the Snow Leopard Network’s (SLN) annual open-access newsletter. It aims to encourage exchange amongst snow leopard practitioners and researchers.