Research Approaches

There are still gaps in our knowledge of the snow leopards ecology and status. Practitioners are working across the snow leopard range to develop robust research methods suited to different settings. Below we have gathered together the latest genetic, camera trap and ungulate survey approaches, along with analytical methods for population assessments. Ensuring teams have access to the latest approaches is key for conservation. The Snow Leopard Bibliography may have additional resources from peer reviewed published literature. If there are additional tools or resources that you believe should be here, please do share and Contact us.

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Snow Leopard Identification: Training and Evaluation Toolkit

The Snow Leopard Training and Evaluation Toolkit allows teams to practice identifying snow leopards, test how well they perform, and improve their skills. The evaluation scores quantify the uncertainty in snow leopard identification and thus can be added when reporting density estimates from camera traps. ...
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Double Observer Survey Method

This manual provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how to plan, implement and analyse double observer surveys to estimate ungulate population abundance in mountainous terrain. Such population estimates are useful for the long-term monitoring of ungulate species. Double Observer Survey Manual ...
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PAWS: Population Assessment of the Worlds Snow Leopards

PAWS: Population Assessment of the World's Snow leopards At the International Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Conservation Forum 2017 in Bishkek, the range country governments formally endorsed a plan to develop a global snow leopard population assessment. The ambitious initiative, called Population Assessment of the World’s Snow Leopards, or, in short, ...
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Valuation of Ecosystem Services

This GSLEP report provide the first assessment of the economic value of provisioning ecosystem services – the material goods from ecosystems – used by local people Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Snow Leopard Landscapes of Asia ...
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Traffic: Snow Leopard crime revisted

An Ounce of Prevention: Snow leopard crime revisited estimates that between 221-450 snow leopards have been poached annually since 2008 – a minimum of 4 per week. ...
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Snow Leopards Edition 1 Released

After nearly two years of effort, a new comprehensive guide to snow leopards has been published by Elsevier. This book is a part of the Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes series edited by Philip J. Nyhus. Over 200 authors were involved, many of whom are Snow ...
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The Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS)

The Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS) was designed to provide a clear road map for conserving the species. It is a product of the membership of the Snow Leopard Network. Snow Leopard Survival Strategy ...
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The Irbis System

The Irbis System monitors VHF transmitters and makes an alarm when the state of a transmitter changes. The Irbis System is designed for monitoring of trapsite transmitters such as Telonics TBT-500. It makes an alarm when an animal is trapped. This alarm occurs within a few minutes from capture. The ...
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Snow leopard populations with emphasis on camera trapping_a handbook ( English + Chinese)

Surveying Snow Leopard Populations with Emphasis on Camera Trapping (2006) PDF- Handbook in English PDF- Handbook in Chinese ...
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