50 cattle killed by snow leopard in Khunzhrav, Pakistan

50 cattle killed by snow leopard in Khunzhrav
Posted on November 21, 2010 by Pamir Times| http://pamirtimes.net/

Khunzhrav (misspelled as Khunjrab), November 2010: The big cat (Snow Leopard) has killed over four dozen sheeps and goats belonging to Mirza Muhammad of Moorkhun village, in Gojal Valley.

According to reports the beast attacked at night and killed the sheeps and goat, without facing any resistance from anyone.

Locals were of the view that as part of the Snow Leopard Conservation Project, killing of the beast has been legally prohibited, because of endangered status among the world’s rarest animals.

While appreciating the need to not kill the Snow Leopard, the locals are worried about safety of their cattle, which are major means of livelihood for many families.

Whether the cattle were attacked by one or more Snow Leopards is unclear

In the past similar incidents of cattle being killed by the Snow Leopard have taken place but the farmers have not been compensated by the government or other relevant organizations.

There is a fear that the locals might resort to killing of the endangered animal to save their cattle. In order to stop this from happening, it is important that the national and international organizations devise proper compensation plans for the affected farmers.