Support a polar bear or a snow leopard for that matter

Support a polar bear
Monday December 7, 2009

Or a snow leopard for that matter. A ski company is sponsoring the animals and we’re backing them here at PlanetSKI. The new company, Zenith Holidays, is donating funds to the World Wildlife Fund to support the polar bear and will give £10 for every £1,000 of revenue raised through one of its sponsored rooms.“It’s no secret that the Polar Bear’s environment is under threat and as we have a Chalet L’Ours Blanc (Polar Bear) in Montgenevre we thought we should support the Polar Bear so we sponsored it with the World Wildlife Fund,” says Stuart McLeod, the managing director of Zenith Holidays.

For how much longer? “As for the Snow Leopard, there are not many of them left and they can only be found in the mountains of central Asia and the Himalayas so we sponsored them too.”Regular readers of PlanetSKI will know that we are following the plight of the snow leopard as their numbers decrease and watching the breeding in captivity programme too.Sometimes it is succesful and sadly other times not.So if you want to help Zenith Holidays help the animals then see here.