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Thank you for your interest in snow leopard conservation. Our knowledge base and ability to make a difference and positively affect the future of snow leopards grows stronger with each new member who registers. Membership in the Snow Leopard Network is free of charge and open to any individual or organization, worldwide, interested or active in snow leopard conservation. See SLN Bylaws for more information.

As a full member, affiliate or organization membership you will be added to our listserv and receive the latest snow leopard publication, events or news updates. You also get access to the pdfs of our snow leopard bibliography. Full members and Organization members can vote during our Committee elections and are encouraged to contribute to the resource centre. 

Please fill in and submit the form below and choose Full Member, Affiliate, or Organization member as applicable:
1) Full Member – Any person can become a member who is contributing to snow leopard conservation through: Research, Conservation programs, Education, Training, Advocacy, Policy and decision making, Ex-situ conservation.
2) Affiliate non-voting member – Persons interested in snow leopard conservation though not actively involved in activities specified for Full Members.
3) Organization member – institutions and agencies that promote conservation or sustainable development of mountain environments in snow leopard range.

Once your application is reviewed and approved by the SLN Committee you will receive an email confirming your registration. This may take a few days. Kindly note; Incase of any queries or doubts with regards to the membership application, please email us

Thank you for your interest in the Snow Leopard Network; we will be very pleased to have you as a member!

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