#EncounterUncia Twitter Conference Schedule

Do join us for the #EncounterUncia Twitter Conference taking place next Monday to Wednesday Dec 6-8th! Over 30 conservation practitioners from across the snow leopard range and world will be presenting over the 3 days on Twitter- sharing stories and strategies to promote coexistence with the big cat. Watch the conference proceedings HERE.


#EncounterUncia Schedule

Main Host Account: @snowleopardnet 

Partner Accounts: @gslep_program @PantheraCats @wwf @snowleopards

Day 1: December 6th 2021

8:00 – 9:00 am Bishkek time

  • Jigmet Dadul (@byron_weckworth) -“Ladakh, India, a snow leopard encountered in a corral”
  • Shannon Kachel (@sm_kachel) – “Livestock corrals win-win for people and snow leopards?”
  • Imtiaz Ahmed (@Imtiazbattaphut) – “2 snow leopard cubs in Khunjerab National Park”
  • Imogene Cancellare (@biologistimo) – “Two sightings, one day: lactating snow leopards in The Valley of the Cats, China
  • Nadia Mijiddorj (@MijiddorjNadia) – “PARTNERS Principles for engaging with communities”  

14:00 – 15:00 Bishkek time

  • Imtiaz Ahmed (@Imtiazbattaphut) – “A snow leopard attacks my livestock”
  • WWF Russia (@wwfRU) – “Alexey’s encounter with the snow leopard”
  • Purevjav Lkhagvajav (@pujiilkhagva) – “Snow leopard’s encountered in the desert steppe of the Gobi”
  • Choidogjamts Byambasuren (@Choidogjamts2) – “Snow Leopard Encounter in the Steppe capacity building efforts”  
  • Yixuan (@EBC_ebc1) –  “Snow leopard encountered in Inner Mongolia, China”

17:00 –  18:00 Bishkek time

  • Femke Hilderink (@FHilderink) – “The Human Wildlife Conflict report”
  • Terry Townshend (@terrytownshend) – “Snow leopards and Magpies”
  • Miha Krofel (@MihaKrofel) – “The snow leopard hunt” 
  • Sherab Lobzang (@lobzangncf) and Rigzen Dorjay (@Dorjayncf) – “After the Snow Leopard Attack”
  • High Altitude Programme, India (@snowleopard_ncf) – “A snow leopard in the trees”

Day 2: December 7th 2021

8:00 – 9:00 am  Bishkek time

  • Charlotte Hacker (@chacker414)– “Foxlights as a mitigation strategy”
  • Rishi Sharma (@rishieco)– “WWF’s conflict framework protocols”
  • Koustubh Sharma (@koustubh_sharma) – “The GSLEP policy recommendation for encounters”
  • High Altitude Programme, India (@snowleopard_ncf) “Traditional Mitigation Strategies – tales from GYU”
  • Xier Chen (@ShanCenter) – “Encountering snow leopards in the Valley of Cats, China”

14:00 – 15:00 Bishkek time

  • Rahim Kulenbekov and Tanya Rosen (@NarynTRosen)  – “A snow leopard illegally captured and sold”
  • Shannon Kachel (@sm_kachel) – “The translocation of a snow leopard”
  • Orjan Johansson (@JohanssOrjan)– “​​Mitigation strategies for encounters with large carnivores
  • WWF Russia (@wwfRU) – “Removing the border fences for wildlife”
  • Justine Shanti Alexander (@SnowleopardHope) – “The Eurasian lynx & snow leopard in QilianShan, China”

17:00 – 18:00 Bishkek time

  • Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan (@snowleopardkg) – “Outreach efforts on handling unusual encounters”
  • Sherab Lobzang (@lobzangncf) and Rigzen Dorjay (@Dorjayncf) – “Innovative predator-proof corral designs”
  • Gustaf Samelius (@GSamelius) – “Unexpected Encounter with a Hamster in the Gobi”
  • Ranjini Murali (@ran_murali)– “The GSLEP snow leopard encounter Database”
  • Tsewang Rigzin (@TsewangRigzin)– “Thinking Outside the Box”

Day 3: December 8th 2021

Live on Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lDGLLbONDMGm

Join both sessions through Twitter Android or IOS to speak and interact or through the web to just listen in.

15:30 – 16:30 Bishkek time

Live Panel Discussion on Unusual Encounters on Twitter Spaces with WWF, Panthera, Snow Leopard Foundation Pakistan and Snow Leopard Trust Facilitated by Koustubh Sharma 

16:30 – 17:00 Bishkek time

Closing Ceremony and Prize Distribution

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