Conservation of Pallas’s cats, (also known as manul), and synergistic impacts on snow leopards and mountain ecosystems.

A virtual event for GSLEP 

Pallas’s cats (also known as manul) share much of their range with snow leopards and the two species face similar threats. Addressing threats to Pallas’s cats can therefore be extended to snow leopards and vice versa and joint conservation efforts will be beneficial for both species and the ecosystems at large. The Pallas’s Cat International Conservation Alliance (PICA for short) invites you to join them in the discussion on how Pallas’s cats and snow leopards are good indicator species for different parts of the ecosystem and how joint conservation efforts will have synergistic effects that will benefit snow leopards, Pallas’s cats, and the mountain ecosystem at large. The meeting took place at the virtual venue ( on Monday 26 Oct, 2020, between 12:00 and 14:00 Bishkek time

You can watch it here –

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