Master of Camouflage

Sharing a pic with SLN Members 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful image by Shivkumar, who is one of the most dedicated frontline officers of the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department posted in the Lahaul region. 
Shiv has spent many years trying to film and photograph snow leopards in and around Udaipur, where he is posted. He has also managed to capture the animal on camera trap over the past few years. Shiv is an amazing naturalist and also a very avid birder. He took this picture last winter when he visited Spiti. This image recently won the First Prize in the Wildlife category in a photography competition organised by the State Forest Department on the occasion of Wildlife Week in India.
Shiv is always very happy for his images to be used for general awareness creation. This is the image with a watermark of his name. I’m sure most SLN members are thrilled to see this image and may also wish to use it in various fora. They can get in touch with Shiv (contact details below), should they wish to get in touch with him, or should they wish to congratulate him personally on his continuing commitment towards his work.
At Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary , Lahaul Spiti
Himachal Pradesh, India. 
Shiv Kumar Forest Guard
Himachal Pradesh Forest Department

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