SLN Webinar; special guest Dr. LuZhi

We invite you to our first SLN webinar of this series. Please join us in welcoming our guest speaker Dr. LuZhi, our SLN Committee chair, who will share with us more about the recent updates of snow leopard conservation in China.

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Snow Leopard Webinar

An online webinar series from snow leopard experts across the world. Our guest snow leopard experts will share with you the latest developments in both science and conservation policy and practice across the snow leopard range. A brief, inspiring talk will be followed by a discussion period where we can explore ideas in further depth drawing on our experts experience and knowledge.

Date/Time: 12 May 2020 Tuesday (Please log into the meeting 5 min early to set up)

8:00am London time /12:00 Islamabad time/ 12:30 Delhi time/ 13:00 Bishkek time/ 15:00 Beijing time/ 15:00 Ulaanbaatar time/ 00:00 Seattle time

Structure: 60 min webinar- 30 min Guest speaker presentation/30 min discussion. During the talk feel free to write questions in the chat section that we can take forward during the discussion section.

Guest Speaker: Dr. LuZhi

Title: Progress in snow leopard conservation in China

Webinar talk: The Snow Leopard Network is inviting guests from across the snow leopard range as part of a webinar series to offer insights and share the latest developments in snow leopard conservation and science. Our first guest to kick off the series is Dr. LuZhi who will center her talk on China’s recent journey in conserving this remarkable species and symbol of Asia’s high mountains. China is host to an estimated 50% of snow leopard habitat and plays a key role in safeguarding the species for generations to come.

More about our guest: Dr. LuZhi, Professor of Conservation Science at Peking University and the Executive Director of the Peking University Center for Nature and Society, has over 20 years of experience actively working in conservation issues in China; with a strong focus on community conservation in China’s mountainous areas. LuZhi founded in 2007 the Shanshui Conservation Center which is a leading civil society organization promoting conservation in China. LuZhi is also SLN’s Committee Chair and been a pioneer in snow leopard conservation for over a decade.

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Please note:
Please register before the event. If you have never used Zoom before, we recommend that you try the ZOOM link 10 minutes before the start of the lecture. This will prompt you to download the zoom software. During the talk, please keep your microphone muted. Please feel free to write questions in the comment area and there will be time for questions/discussion at the end of the talk.