Locals Fleecing Professional Blue Sheep Hunters, Nepal

Nepal: Professional hunters who come to hunt the blue sheep and Himalatan tahr in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, are forced to pay more than six-fold to local communities than their hunting fee set by the government. A hunter has to pay NPR 40,000 for a trophy blue sheep and Rs 20,000 for a Himalayan tahr to the government. Now they have to pay NPR 250,000 to locals otherwise they are not allowed to hunt desptie having a license.

March 29, 2010
The Himalayan Times

Thanks to Headlines Himalaya, March 22-31 (104), 2010 edition for the translation of this article.

One thought on “Locals Fleecing Professional Blue Sheep Hunters, Nepal”

  1. The reserve office is trying to form buffer zone management committee which should coordinate the matter. The program generated from revenue would go the communities once it is formed and formalized, the main being the fee, among the NTFP and others.
    Nepali hunting outfitters should work with reserve office and local NGOs to bring the issuse in reasonable level so that both parties can benefit
    conservation partners can find the mediator reole for this

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