SLN member Ashok Bhurtyal observed a snow leopard in the Cholang Kharka area of Langtang National Park, Nepal in February 2009

The following snow leopard sighting was reported by SLN member Ashok Bhurtyal:


“This February, I was on a two-week long walk in the Langtang National Park. On 21 Feb 2009, I spotted a rare snow leopard in the Cholang Kharka area. The young adult cat sprang up from the hillside onto the trek trail! It took a few turns around, saw me, was not scared of me, me neither! It was like a good friendship. I opened my handycam and caught it on tape, taking care not to scare away the beautiful cat. After about 10 seconds of filming, the leopard went slowly to I don’t know where. I followed the track but could not locate the animal again. Meeting this mammal was both unexpected and very rewarding.

I was in Langtang region to generate and offer some support for health and health care in collaboration with local peasants. Excitedly, I met the cat! I wish to share the video with interested individuals and organisations. And also hope to generate some support for improving health in Langtang.

Further, I would be very happy to find a competent videography expert/professional who would capture my mini DV cassette into media file to be stored and played on a computer. I can offer some remuneration commensurate with local prices prevailing in Kathmandu.


Ashok Bhurtyal
Director of Programmes
People’s Health Initiative
(Volunteer group working passionaltely to improve health in Nepali
Kathmandu, Nepal”

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