Ecotourism Supports Ladakh Residents

In the remote Ladakh region of India, the “Himalayan Homestays” program offers an alternate source of income to residents whose livestock is sometimes threatened by snow leopard predation. Himalayan Homestays give tourists the opportunity to experience firsthand the traditional lifestyle of the villagers in Ladakh, while the income they generate relieves the financial stress of livestock loss and therefore decreases the incentive for villagers to kill snow leopards.

The Mountain Institute and Snow Leopard Conservancy, both organizational members of the Snow Leopard Network, implemented this program to great success five years ago. Since then, it has become the local model for eco-tourism. In addition to providing a bed and meals, guides are available to lead hikes and point out snow leopard signs.

For more information, see Eco-tourists take to village life in India’s ‘Little Tibet’ or check out the Himalayan Homestays web site.

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