WCS to Open Five Wildlife Reserves in Afghanistan

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has recently announced a plan to establish five wildlife reserves in Afghanistan. WCS is working in cooperation with the government of Afghanistan and receiving funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project is being headed by George Schaller, a member of the Snow Leopard Network, and will include International Snow Leopard Trust (ISLT) staff.

In addition to creating the reserves, this three-year project will include monitoring the populations of snow leopards and several prey species, as well as working with communities toward establishing eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The team carrying out the surveys will include several International Snow Leopard Trust staff. WCS recognizes the need to include local residents in any conservation effort, because they have the most potential to impact wildlife populations.

The Snow Leopard Network applauds this project. We look forward to the increased conservation in snow leopard inhabited areas that will come about as a result of these efforts.

For more information, see the press release at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/06/060628234217.htm or http://www.wcs.org/international/Asia/afghanistan for more information on this and other WCS projects in Afghanistan.

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