Source:  WWF Mongolia Environmental News

By Yo.Onon, species officer

14 March 2006, 13:20PM, Khovd aimag:
Informant called Irves-3 Mobile anti-poaching
unit (MAPU) that a man is driving to Bayan-Ulgii
aimag with Snow leopard skins in the truck.
In consequence with it Mr. Sh.Gantulga, leader
of the MAPU, Mr. Shagdarsuren, major of the
Khovd police office lied in wait for them nearby
Buaynt river bridge. As a result of checking
several trucks, a brown russian jeep from
Bayan-Ulgii aimag has been revealed with four
snow leopard skins.
According to J. Jarhyn, accused man, he was
going to sell the skins in Bayan-Ulgii aimag and
he bought 3 pieces of raw skins from Gobi-Altai
aimag, and another one, processed by hand
from Khovd aimag.
Irves-3 MAPU and partners are going for
patrolling to Must, Altai, Uench sums and Gobi-
Altai aimag, according to testimony of the
During the last few years, it has been revealed,
that Kazakh people sells snow leopard skins to
Kazakhstan and Altai respublic from Bayan-Ulgii
aimag, and that there is an illegal trade network
has been established and widen up.
For instance, in 2004 two Kazakh people
(Mongolia) were revealed for selling 17 snow
leopard skins to Altai republic, which were
passed out of border post (Altai Respublic web).
From the survey document of the Irves-1 MAPU,
collected from the market informant, there are
5-7 snow leopard skins sold in Bayan-Ulgii aimag
market per year. Despite this information, it is
has been also resolved that there is person, who
was processing the skin by hand.
The main reason of snow leopard skin
transboundary trade is that there is poor
customs and border check of weekly
International flight from Kazakhstan to Bayan-
Ulgii aimag, International border checking point
to Altai republic and one Kazakh language (both
Mongolian and Russian).

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