Session 3 & 4: Connecting Learning to the Natural World – A Nature Classrooms Approach

As part of this module, Sessions 3 and 4 were conducted by the Nature Classrooms team – Connecting learning to the Natural World – A Nature Classrooms Approach
This 2 part interactive workshop was led by Vena Kapoor, Roshni Ravi and Mythreyi Kumaraswamy from the Nature Classrooms team at Nature Conservation Foundation. We discussed how we can work closely with schools, teachers and educators to develop age appropriate and locally-culturally relevant nature learning resources to enrich and support existing school curricula for Environmental Studies. 
The sessions highlighted how we can provide opportunities to develop empathy, love and wonder while exploring and building active connections with the natural world. The workshop included discussions on nature learning pedagogy and tools, demonstrations on inquiry based learning and examples of resources that Nature Classrooms have designed. 

More details about the Nature Classrooms project can be accessed here.

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Photo by Nature Classrooms