Snow Leopards (Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes) 2nd Edition (Published)


by Tom McCarthy (Editor), David Mallon (Editor), Karin R Schwartz (Editor)


Presents the latest information on the elusive snow leopard, including its biology, behavior, and ongoing efforts for conservation

Edited by:

David Mallon

Department of Natural Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom

Tom McCarthy

PANTHERA, New York, NY, United States (Retired)

This second edition of Snow Leopards provides a foundational, comprehensive overview of the biology, ecology, and conservation of this iconic species. This updated edition incorporates recent information from range-wide surveys and conservation projects, technical advances in genetics, camera trapping, use of drones and satellite telemetry. New chapters synthesize the novel methods and analyses used to develop density and population estimates and how they inform conservation and management in the face of emerging threats.

The first section of the book covers the evolution, ecology, biogeography and status of snow leopards. Subsequent chapters describe established and emerging threats, including human-wildlife conflict, illegal trade, infrastructure development, and climate change along with the conservation solutions used to address these threats – including reference to the cultural and religious significance of the species. Status and distribution are fully updated for all 12 countries home to the species. The book concludes with a review of global snow leopard initiatives and a look to the future.

This book features contributions from more than 240 international experts on the species, bringing experience and expertise on all aspects of the snow leopard from every part of its range. The book is a key resource for scientists, researchers, government agencies, managers, and anyone with an interest in the conservation of the snow leopard and the high mountain ecosystems it occupies.

Key Features

  • Offers a complete and thorough update on snow leopard ecology, conservation, research techniques and population trends, among other topics

Presents the results of the latest scientific research and conservation measures

  • Edited by recognized experts with contributions from 240 of the world’s leading experts throughout the snow leopard’s range

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