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Title: Snow Leopard Network: 20 years of collaboration among practitioners

Author: Alexander, J. S., Johansson, O., Xiao, L., Chetri, M., Lkhagvajav, P., Karumbaya, R., Wright, B., Modaqiq, W., Lovari, S.

Abstract: The Snow Leopard Network (, a global group dedicated to snow leopard Panthera uncia conservation, is commemorating 2 decades of accomplishments since its inception in 2002. Initiated at the Snow Leopard Survival Summit in Seattle, USA, with 58 experts from 17 countries, the Network continues to grow and to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the snow leopard in High Asia. Current membership stands at 621 individuals and 31 organizations. As new challenges and opportunities arise, collaborative and innovative solutions are more crucial than ever.


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