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Title: Snow Leopard Intrusions into Livestock Corrals in Badakhshan, Afghanistan: Challenges and Solutions

Author: Moheb, Z., Sahel, K., Fazli, M., Hakimi, M., Ismaily, S.

Abstract: Snow leopards (Panthera uncia) frequently prey on livestock throughout their range, posing a potential threat to human livelihoods and endangering the predator’s own survival. In this study, we document seven incidents of snow leopards intruding into livestock corrals and engaging in surplus killing in three districts of Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Six of the predation incidents were attributed to a single individual, occurring in five locations of Wakhan District and eventually in Yumgan District, where the captured animal was relocated. The remaining predation incident occurred in Keran-wa Munjan District, marking the first recorded evidence of snow leopards in this area. In all but one of the incidents, the predator was trapped in the corral it intruded and safely released back to the wild with the support of the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) team in Afghanistan. Local communities have been supportive in releasing the snow leopard despite losses of over 50 livestock. To mitigate negative interactions between snow leopards and livestock, conservation efforts should focus on conserving prey species, implementing predator- proof measures for livestock corrals, and utilizing collar tracking when a trapped snow leopard is found in a corral. Unfortunately, when an individual repeatedly enters livestock corrals and continues killing livestock, capture and relocation to captivity often become the only viable option to address the problem and ensure the animal’s safety from retaliatory action by affected herders.


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