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Title: Neutral and adaptive genetic variation in Indian snow leopards, Panthera uncia

Author: Golla, T. R., Tensen, L., Vipin, Kumar, K., Kumar, S., Gaur, A.

Abstract: In this study, we reveal patterns of genetic variation in snow leopards (Panthera uncia) by combining neutral (mtDNA, microsatellites) and adaptive (MHC II-DRB) genes. We collected 56 faecal samples from three locations in India. We observed moderate levels of microsatellite diversity (N = 30; A = 5.6; HO = 0.559). Nine unique MHC II-DRB sequences were identified in four snow leopard samples, of which 8 were novel. We found low levels of polymorphism in MHC class II-DRB exon, which was higher in captive (VA = 9.4%) compared to wild individuals (VA = 7.8%), likely as a result of a population bottleneck.


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