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Title: Delivery of educational material increased awareness of the elusive Pallas’s cat in Southern Mongolia

Author: Chimed, O., Lkhagvasuren, D., Alexander, J. S., Barclay, D., Bayasgalan, N., Lkhagvajav, P., Nygren, E., Robinson, S. L., Samelius, G.

Abstract: Public engagement and awareness programs are important components of many conservation programs today as such engagements are often critical for successful conservation. In this study, we examined if delivery of educational material increased awareness of the Pallas’s cat and its environment in a southern Mongolia herder community. We found that knowledge was greater and attitudes toward the Pallas’s cat and wildlife in general were more positive one year after the delivery of the educational material. This study thus suggests that educational material can be effective at increasing awareness of small and elusive species such as the Pallas’s cat.



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