SLN Summer Exchange 2022 – You Tube links to Sessions


We had a very interesting and fruitful Summer Exchange over June and July 2022, in which we conducted six mini modules (2 hours each), on a variety of topics that included Mountain Ungulates, Climate Change, Participatory methods/right-based approaches to research and conservation, Community Conservation, Identify Carnivore Signs and Camera traps in the field.

Our Resource Team were individual and organizational members from the Snow Leopard Network, and we wish to appreciate their effort and thank them for taking the time to make this interactive Exchange possible. We also wish to thank our participants for their interest and for contributing to the success of the SLN Summer Exchange 2022. 

Please find a list of our you tube playlist for all the sessions of our SLN Summer Exchange below. 

SLN Summer Exchange – Week 1: Mountain Ungulates –

SLN Summer Exchange – Week 2: Climate Change –

SLN Summer Exchange – Week 3: Participatory methods/right-based approaches – Available on request

SLN Summer Exchange – Week 4: Community Conservation –

SLN Summer Exchange – Week 5: Identify Carnivore signs –

SLN Summer Exchange – Week 6: Camera Traps in the field –


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