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Title:    An experience of surplus killing of livestock by a snow leopard in Nepal

Author:    Thapa, K.

Abstract:    Among many other threats, retaliatory killing of snow leopards Panthera uncia by people in retribution of livestock depredation is the foremost challenge for long-term survival of snow leopards. Surplus killing of up to 100 or more goats and sheep by snow leopard in a single night have been reported in snow leopard range’ countries including Nepal. Such incidences are unusual, but their impacts are substantial for subsistence agropastoral communities and snow leopard survival. Direct observation of surplus killing of livestock by a snow leopard in the corral is very rare. Here I report one incidence in a remote part of Nepal where a snow leopard killed 44 goats and was then trapped itself in a corral. This note highlights how I managed to rescue the trapped snow leopard.



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