Session 3: Risks and Opportunities

Module 8: Session 3

This 3rd session of

Module 8

covers the “Risks” that tourism can pose across snow leopard landscapes, especially if not managed ethically. We then discuss the strategies we can use to ‘mitigate’ these risks and the roles that different stakeholders can play in mitigating this risks.


Session 3.1: Introduction to risks

Session 3.2: Discussion on potential risks

Session 3.3: Mitigate risks

Session 3.4: Approaches to mitigate risks


  • What are the social, economic and ecological risks posed by conservation led tourism?
  • The major risks are all caused by a lack of planning, and a community responding haphazardly to a market driven demand for wildlife tourism.
    • Assessing potential of snow leopard tourism at a regional level.
    • Developing a mechanism to address failure of systems and/or stakeholders.

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