SLN Chair’s letter regarding Mongolian government decision

Dear SLN Members,

You will be happy to know that because of the efforts and wishes of many of you, and the support of numerous individuals and institutions that joined hands together to convince the Government of Mongolia not to allow the killing of snow leopards in the name of so called ‘research’, permits for which had already been granted.

I am pleased to announce that the honorable Minister for Nature, Environment and Tourism, Government of Mongolia, Mr. Luimed Gansukh did cancel the permits today, the 23rd of March 2011 which his Ministry had already approved and issued.

I must congratulate all of you, especially those who stayed in touch with the concerned Ministry, providing it with sound scientific reasons and information for the Ministry to re-assess its earlier decision and, based on it, had to cancel the permits. I further appreciate the understanding of the Honorable Minister for Nature, Environment and Tourism of the critical situation; and his positive attitude towards the resolution of a situation that had emerged because of a wrong approach and intentions of an individual and, due to which, not only the entire international conservation community remained disturbed for quite a while but it also put at stake the existing reputation of the Government of Mongolia for being a conservation loving nation.

I wish to thank the senior management of the Snow Leopard Network and our partner organizations for their help and support, and especially those in Mongolia for their leadership in addressing this matter.

On part of the SLN, its members and Steering Committee, I further wish to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contribution to a sacred cause of protecting snow leopards from a direct threat in the name of scientific research, and establishing a good example for other Range States to follow in a situation like this:

Mr. A. Enkhbat, Director General, Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning Department, Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Mongolia
Mr. D. Enkhbat, Director, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Mongolia
Mr. D. Batbold, Director, International Co-operation Department, Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Mongolia
Mr. A Bayarjargal and staff of SLT/Snow Leopard Conservation Fund, Mongolia
Mr. Purevjav Lkhagvajav of Snow Leopard Conservation Fund
Mr.B Lkhagvasuren, Onon and other staff of WWF Mongolia
Mr. Amanda Fines, Enkhtuvshin, Odonchimeg, and other staff of WCS Mongolia
Mr. S. Damdinsuren of the Mongolian Foundation for the Protection of Animals
Mr. D. Munkhtsog
Mr. Naranbaatar, Adya and staff of the Institute of Biology, Mongolia
Mr. Shagdarsuren D, National Mongolian Radio

The SLN stands ready to assist the Government of Mongolia draft guidelines covering ethical and scientifically robust research methodology on snow leopards.

Best Regards
Chair, Steering Committee,
Snow leopard Network

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