WWF Mongolia’s pilot compensation scheme for livestock predation by the snow leopard


WWF Mongolia‘s pilot compensation scheme for livestock predation by the snow leopard

WWF Mongolia has initiated the Compensation scheme for livestock predation by the Snow leopard in order to reduce the retaliation kill rate for Snow leopards.

The Compensation Scheme is implementing initially in buffer zone of the Turgen Mountain SPA. The experience can be scaled up depending on the success rate. In the initial phase, following issues will be addressed;

Update the Garag documentary on Snow leopards with this type of info

Discussion of the Herder households enrolled into the compensation scheme

Publish awareness raising and information brochures on the Compensation Scheme

Sign the Contracts/Agreements by herders for enrollment into the Scheme

WWF Mongolia’s multi-year conservation and research activities ever since 1997 targeting Snow leopards have been carried out on the proposed site. The site was featured in 2 filming that took place in 2004 and 2007. The area is the snow leopard’s core habitat according to scientific findings and there is an overlap and habitat competition with livestock from 6-8 herder families. The multi-year report on livestock predation confirms that loss of livestock reaches 10 heads per annum. For now, 2 families loss is affirmed by criteria and documentation as noted in MoU and they have received 6 sheep as compensation.

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