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Alexander, J. S., Agvaantseren, B., Gongor, E., Mijiddorj, T. N., Piaopiao, T., Stephen Redpath, S., Young, J., Mishra, C. Assessing the Effectiveness of a Community-based Livestock Insurance Program 2021 Environmental Management details   url
Atzeni, L., Cushman, S. A., Wang, J., Riordan, P., Shi, K., Bauman, D. Evidence of spatial genetic structure in a snow leopard population from Gansu, China 2021 Heredity details   doi
Bhatia, S., Suryawanshi, K., Redpath, S., Namgail, S., Mishra, C. Understanding People's Relationship With Wildlife in Trans-Himalayan Folklore. 2021 Frontiers in Environmental Science 9 1-10 details   url
Kachel, S.M. Large Carnivore Ecology and Conservation in the High Mountains of Central Asia 2021 1-170 details   pdf
Karki, A., Panthi, S. Factors affecting livestock depredation by snow leopards (Panthera uncia) in the Himalayan region of Nepal 2021 PeerJ 9 1-14 details   url
Khanyari, M., Suryawanshi, K. R., Milner-Gulland, E. J., Dickinson, E., Khara, A., Rana, R. S., Vineer, H. R., Morgan, E. R. Predicting Parasite Dynamics in Mixed-Use Trans-Himalayan Pastures to Underpin Management of Cross-Transmission Between Livestock and Bharal 2021 Frontiers in Veterinary Science 8 1 - 21 details   pdf
Korablev, M. P., Poyarkov, A. D., Karnaukhov, A. S., Zvychaynaya, E. Y., Kuksin, A. N., Malykh, S. V., Istomov, S. V., Spitsyn, S. V., Aleksandrov, D. Y., Hernandez-Blanco, J. A., Munkhtsog, B., Munkhtogtokh, O., Putintsev, N. I., Vereshchagin, A. S., Becmurody, A., Afzunov, S., Rozhnov, V. V. Large-scale and fine-grain population structure and genetic diversity of snow leopards (Panthera uncia Schreber, 1776) from the northern and western parts of the range with an emphasis on the Russian population. 2021 Conservation Genetics details   url
Krofel, M., Groff, C., Oberosler, V., Augugliaro, C., Rovero, F. Snow leopard (Panthera uncia) predation and consumption of an adult yak in the Mongolian Altai. 2021 Ethology Ecology & Evolution 1-8 details   url
Li,J., Xue, Y., Hacker, C. E., Zhang, Y., Li, Y., Cong, W., Jin, L., Li, G., Wu, B., Li, D., Zhang,Y. Projected impacts of climate change on snow leopard habitat in Qinghai Province, China 2021 Ecology and Evolution 17202-17218 details   pdf
Lu, Q., Xiao, L., Cheng, C., Lu, Z., Zhao, J., Yao, M. Snow Leopard Dietary Preferences and Livestock Predation Revealed by Fecal DNA Metabarcoding: No Evidence for Apparent Competition Between Wild and Domestic Prey 2021 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9 1 - 14 details   pdf
Nawaz, M. A., Khan, B. U., Mahmood, A., Younas, M., Din, J. U, Sutherland, C. An empirical demonstration of the effect of study design on density estimations 2021 Nature 11 1-9 details   url
Nawaz, M. A., Khan, B. U., Mahmood, A., Younas, M., Din, J. U, Sutherland, C. An empirical demonstration of the effect of study design on density estimations 2021 Nature 11 1-9 details   pdf
Oberosler, V., Tenan, S., Groff, C., Krofel, M., Augugliaro, C., Munkhtsog, B., Rovero, F. First spatially‐explicit density estimate for a snow leopard population in the Altai Mountains 2021 Biodiversity and Conservation 15 details   pdf
Pahuja, M., Sharma, R. K. Wild Predators, Livestock, and Free Ranging Dogs: Patterns of Livestock Mortality and Attitudes of People Toward Predators in an Urbanizing Trans-Himalayan Landscape 2021 Frontiers in Conservation Science 2 1-13 details   pdf
Pal, R., Sutherland, C., Qureshi, Q., Sathyakumar, S. Landscape connectivity and population density of snow leopards across a multi-use landscape in Western Himalaya 2021 Animal Conservation details   doi
Pandey, B. P., Thami, S., Shrestha, R., Subedi, N., Chalise, M. K., Ale, S. B. Snow leopards and prey in Rolwaling Valley, Gaurishankar Conservation Area, Nepal 2021 CATnews 74 14-19 details   pdf
Rashid, W., Shi, J., Rahim, I. U., Qasim, M., Baloch, M. N., Bohnett, E., Yang, F., Khan, I., Ahmad, B. Modelling Potential Distribution of Snow Leopards in Pamir, Northern Pakistan: Implications for Human–Snow Leopard Conflicts 2021 Sustainability 13 1-15 details   pdf
Rode, J., Lambert, C., Marescot, L., Chaix, B., Beesau, J., Bastian, S., Kyrbashev, J., Cabanat, A.L. Population monitoring of snow leopards using camera trapping in Naryn State Nature Reserve, Kyrgyzstan, between 2016 and 2019 2021 Global Ecology and Conservation 31 1-6 details   pdf
Salvatori, M., Tenan, S., Oberosler, V., Augugliaro, C., Christe, P., Groff, C., Krofel, M., Zimmermann, F., Rovero, F. Co-occurrence of snow leopard, wolf and Siberian ibex under livestock encroachment into protected areas across the Mongolian Altai 2021 Biological Conservatio 261 1-14 details   pdf
Shao, X., Lu, Q., Xiong, M., Bu, H., Shi, X., Wang, D., Zhao, J., Li, S., Yao, M. Prey partitioning and livestock consumption in the world’s richest large carnivore assemblage 2021 Current Biology 31 4887-4897 details   pdf
Sharma, R. K., Sharma, K., Borchers, D., Bhatnagar, Y V., Suryawanshi, K. R., Mishra, C. Spatial variation in population-density of snow leopards in a multiple use landscape in Spiti Valley, Trans-Himalaya 2021 PloS One 1-14 details   url
Sharma, R. K., Singh, R. Over 100 Years of Snow Leopard Research: A Spatially Explicit Review of the State of Knowledge in the Snow Leopard Range. 2021 Research Gate May 2021 1-43 details   url
Smith, H. F., Townsend, K. E. B., Adrian, B., Levy, S., Marsh, S., Hassur, R., Manfredi, K., Echols, M. S. Functional Adaptations in the Forelimb of the Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia) 2021 Integrative and Comparative Biology 61 1852-1866 details   pdf
Thapa, K. An experience of surplus killing of livestock by a snow leopard in Nepal 2021 CATnews Winter 2021 18-21 details   pdf
Thapa, K., Jackson, R., Gurung, L, Acharya, H. B., Gurung, R. K., Applying the double observer methodology for assessing blue sheep population size in Nar Phu valley, Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal 2021 Wildlife Biology 1-11 details   pdf
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