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  Author (up) Title Year Publication Volume Pages Links
Biological diversity conservation. National strategy and action plan of the Republic of Uzbekistan 1998 34-35 details   url
Ale, S.B. Religion and Snow Leopards in Nepal 1998 Snow Line xvi 10-10 details   url
Anandakrishnan, M.B. The snow leopard: Elusive and endangered 1998 The Environmental Magazine 9 18-19 details   url
Blomqvist, L. The snow leopard EEP in 1996 1998 International Pedigree Book of Snow Leopards 7 26-29 details   url
Blomqvist, L. Analysis of the global captive Snow leopard, Uncia uncia, population in 1996 1998 International Pedigree Book of Snow Leopards, Uncia uncia 7 6-20 details  
Guerrero, D. Animal behavior concerns & solutions: snow leopard (Uncia uncia) evaluation, zoo 1998 Anim.Keepers' Forum 25 56-58 details   url
Helman, R.G.; Russell, W.C.; Jenny, A.; Miller, J.; Payeur, J. Diagnosis of tuberculosis in two snow leopards using polymerase chain reaction 1998 Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 10 89-92 details   url
Inayat, S.; Khan, A. Identifying Womens Roles in Snow Leopard Conservation 1998 xvi 3 details   url
International Snow Leopard Trust ISLT Hires Snow Leopard Conservationist in India 1998 details   url
International Snow Leopard Trust Snow Line 1998 Snow Line xvi 1-12 details   url
Jackson, P. Villagers save predatory snow leopard 1998 Cat News 28 12 details   url
Jackson, R. People-Wildlife Conflict Management in the Qomolangma Nature Preserve, Tibet 1998 40-46 details   url
Kazensky, C.A.; Munson, L.; Seal, U.S. The effects of melengestrol acetate on the ovaries of captive wild felids 1998 Journal-of-Zoo-and-Wildlife-Medicine 29 1-5 details  
Khan, A. Snow Leopard: Integral to Chitral Gol National Park 1998 xvi 5 details   url
Kinsel, M.J.; Kovarik, P.; Murnane, R.D. Gastric spiral bacteria in small felids 1998 Journal-of-Zoo-and-Wildlife-Medicine 29 214-220 details  
Koshkarev E. Critical Ranges as Centres of Biodiversity 1998 N 14 37-38 details   url
Koshkarev, E. Snow leopard along the border of Russia and Mongolia 1998 Cat News 28 12-14 details   url
Krever V. Ecosystems of the High Mountains Species of Special Interest in Uzbekistan 1998 55-59 details   url
Linnell, J.; Swenson, J.; Landa A.; and Kvam, T. Methods for monitoring European large carnivores – A worldwide review of relevant experience 1998 NINA Oppdragsmelding 549 1-38 details   url
Maier, F. Tracking the snow cat of Ice Mountain 1998 Wildlife Conservation 101 36 details   url
Meszaros, M. Einsam im Land des Dschingis Khan 1998 Universum 68-76 details   url
Mishra, C.; Rawat, G.S. Livestock grazing and Biodiversity Conservation: Comments on Saberwal 1998 Conservation Biology 12 25-32 details   url
Myroniuk, P. Snow leopards down under 1998 International Pedigree Book of Snow Leopards 7 25-25 details   url
Nishine, Y. The captive snow leopard programme (SSCJ) in Japan 1998 International Pedigree Book of Snow Leopards 7 21-25 details   url
Pavlinov I.Ya. Taxonomy of mammals in the USSR: additions 1998 90 details   url
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