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Author Title Year Publication (up) Volume Pages
Anonymous She's all washed up 1980 New York Daily News
Clevenger, S.A. Snow leopards born... and born... and born at OKC Zoo 1980 Oklahoma City Zoo
DiSabato, L. Update on the snow leopard factory 1980 San Antonio's News from the Zoo 6 1-2
O'Neill, J. Nepal's snow leopard: too beautiful for its own good? 1980 Scholastic Science World 36 4-6
Blomqvist, L. Distribution and Status of the Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia) 1980 Tiger Paper Vii 115-120
Clevenger, S. Snow leopards: Captivity perpetuates the species 1980 Zoosounds XVI 18-19
St. Louis Zoo Oki-dok with Linka 1980 ZUDUS S1