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Author (up) Title Year Publication Volume Pages
An E.S. The Chatkal Mountain Forest State Nature Reserve. The Kyzylsu Mountain Juniperous State Nature Reserve. The Miraki State Nature Reserve 1980 19-21
Andrienkov V.I. The Besh Aral nature reserve 1990 335
Aryal, A. Final Report On Demography and Causes of Mortality of Blue Sheep (Pseudois nayaur) in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in Nepal 2009 1-53
Berezovikov N.N. The Markakol nature reserve 1990 115-128
Chumakova A.V. The Kyzylsu, Miraki, and Markakol nature reserves 1980 153-155
Esipov V.M. Chatkal nature reserve 1969 486-494
Kamelin R.V. The Hissar Nature reserve 1990 272-282
Kovshar A.F. The Aksu Jabagly nature reserve 1990 80-102
Kovshar A.F. Soils. Plants and animals. Vertical zones 1972 21-41
Nikolaevskiy A.G. The Kyrgyz state nature park “Ala-Archa”. People's park of the Uzbek SSR 1985 89-92
Sokolov V.E. The Sary Chelek nature reserve 1990 351-362
Sokolov V.E. The Chatkal nature reserve 1990 301-302
Zhiryakov V.A. The Almaty nature reserve 1990 102-114