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Author Title Year Publication (up) Volume Pages
Snow Leopard Survival Summit Group Photograph 2002
Anonymous Snow leopard trade in court 1984
Anonymous Snow Leopard Smuggler Detained in Northwest China 2000
Anonymous Snow leopard management plan of Mongolia (draft) 2000 1-18
Anonymous Snow leopard conservancy annual report, 2001 2001 1-8
Aryal, A. Final Report On Demography and Causes of Mortality of Blue Sheep (Pseudois nayaur) in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in Nepal 2009 1-53
Bacha, M.S. Snow leopard recovery program for Kishtwar High Altitude National Park Jammu and Kashmir State 1986-7 to 1989-90 1990 1-58
Bajimaya, S. Snow leopard manual: field study techniques for the kingdom of Nepal 2001 1-77
Bartlett, L. Good News for the Bad and the Ugly at CITES Conference 1997
Blomqvist, L. The 1980 annual report of the captive snow leopard (Panthera uncia) population and a review at the breeding results during the 1970's 1981 32-50