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  Author (up) Title Year Publication Volume Pages Links
Aizin B.M. Snow leopard 1985 22-23 details   url
Allabergenov E. The cat family 1991 16-23 details   url
Bannikov A.G. We must save them 1982 49-50 details   url
Bekenov A.B. About the IUCN categories and criteria for animals inclusion in Red Data Books and lists (project INTAS 99-1483) 2002 67-71 details   url
Cherkasova M.V. Predators 1982 15 details   url
Esipov A.V. Snow Leopard (Irbis) 2003 Vol. II. Animals. 218-219 details   url
Grachev Yu.A. Snow leopard 1996 Vol.1.Animals. Part 1.Vertebrates. 246-247 details   url
Ishunin G.I. Snow leopard 1980 26-27 details   url
Kaletskiy A. They must live 1978 N 11. details   url
Kovshar A.F. A problem of rare and endangered animal species in Kazakhstan 1982 99-101 details   url
Kovshar A.F. A problem of conservation of rare and endangered vertebrate animals in the mountains of southeast Kazakhstan 1982 56-58 details   url
Lavrov N.P. Snow leopard, or irbis 1985 58-60 details   url
Matyushkin E.N. Snow leopard, or irbis Uncia uncia Scheber, 1775 1984 Vol.1. 42-43 details   url
Moiseev V.A. Snow leopard 1990 137-138 details   url
Moiseev V.A. Mountain nature 1988 86 details   url
Persianova L.A. Snow leopard, or irbis Uncia uncia Scheber, 1775 1983 Vol. 1. 32-33 details   url
Persianova L.A. About the Red Book listing rare and endangered animal and plant species 1980 41-42 details   url
Prokopov K.P. The Red Data Book of vertebrate animals in eastern Kazakhstan 2003 26-28 details   url
Shukurov E.J. List of of species included in Red data Book of Republic of Kyrgyzstan 2004 83 details   url
Sokov A.I. Snow leopard 1997 151-152 details   url
Sokov A.I. Environmental prerequisites for protection and sustainable use of predatory mammals in Tajikistan 1986 Vol. 3. 27-29 details   url
Sosnovskiy I.P. Snow leopard or irbis 1987 106-110 details   url
Strautman Ye.I.Bekenov A. Rare and endangered vertebrate animas of Kazakhstan, and their protection 1978 33-34 details   url
Sultanov G.S. Some results of nature conservation in Uzbekistan 1982 3-4 details   url
Vereschagin N.K., S.T.B. Rare mammals in the USSR: protection challenges 1976 3-9 details   url
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