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Author (up) Vinogradov B.S.& Flerov K.K. url 
  Title I.Pamir. II. East Bukhara Type Miscellaneous
  Year 1935 Publication Abbreviated Journal  
  Volume Issue Pages 15-19  
  Keywords Tajikistan; Pamir; East Bukhara; fauna; endemics; snow leopard.; 8490; Russian  
  Abstract East Pamir is a transitive zone on border Tibetan, East Tien Shan, Western Tien Shan, Himalaya and Afghani fauna and is characterized by low diversity of mammals. Ungulates of east part are presented: Ivis dŒlii Š ¥…dr… sibirica s…k††n. Predators are presented ¥…nis lŠdŠs laniger (Tibetan subspecies); Vulpes vulpes ferganensis, IŠstela alpina alpina, IŠstela †r•inea ferganae, IŠst†l… nivalis d…llid…, I…rt†s foina, F†lis 1¢‹o iz…b†lli‹…, U‹ci… Š‹ci… Š‹cia (Central Asian and South Asian spp.); Ursus …r¤tŒs …ff. s¢riacus, I†l†s •†l†s, LŠtr… lutr… seistanica (South West Asian species). East Bukhara (Turkestan, Zeravshan, Hissar, Peter the Great, Darvaza, etc., and also the Western Pamir) is characterized by presence of representatives of the Indo-Afghani fauna (Capra falconeri, Ovis vignei, Cervus affinis, Mellivora indica (?), Vulpes canus, Otonycteris hemprichi, Nesokia indica, Rattus turkestanicus), Southwest Asia fauna (Felis pardus tulliana, Felis tigris septentrionalis, Canis aureus aureus, Lutra lutra seistanica, Hyaena hyaena), as well as species of widely distrebuted within the Southern and Southwest Asia (Felis ornata, Felis chaus, Vormela peregusna, Maries foina, Mustela nivalis, Ursus arctos syriacus, Hystrix hirsutirostris), or Central Asian species (Felis lynx isabelina, Mustela alpina, Mustela erminea, Otocolobus manul, Vulpes vulpes karagan Š „d.). Endemics of East Bukhara are Microtus carruthersi, Microtus bucharensis, Sorex bucharensis.  
  Corporate Author Thesis  
  Publisher Place of Publication 1935 Editor  
  Language Russian Summary Language Original Title  
  Series Editor Series Title Abbreviated Series Title  
  Series Volume Series Issue Edition  
  ISSN ISBN Medium  
  Area Expedition Conference  
  Notes Full text available in Russian Journal Title: Animals of Tajikistan, life and value for man. Approved no  
  Call Number SLN @ rana @ 826 Serial 987  
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