Smartphone app developed to identify illegal wildlife products

A WCS scientist has developed a smartphone app that helps law enforcement and military personnel identify illegal endangered species products in China, Afghanistan, and Viet Nam. The app allows the user to narrow the product down to the likely species, and also provides advice from expert taxonomists in eight hours. Heidi Kretser thought of the app after seeing US military personnel in Afghanistan purchasing illegal products including snow leopard furs.

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Snow Leopard photographed catching marmot

Snow Leopard Trust trap cameras have captured images of a snow leopard catching a marmot in Kyrgyzstan.

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Snow Leopard Spotted in Upper Manang Village

Residents of Upper Manang Village in Nepal have reportedly sighted a snow leopard, which took a yak calf. This is the first time a snow leopard is thought to have entered the village. A local resident is quoted as feeling lucky to have had the opportunity to see a snow leopard, which is a positive reaction, considering a yak was taken.

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SL Conservation Grants Recipients Finish First Phase of Project

Congratulations to a group of Snow Leopard Conservation Grants recipients, who have successfully completed the first phase of their population survey in the Almaty State Reserve, and had an article about their work published in the Astana Times. The full article is available here:

Please note the misprint – they were awarded $15,000 in Snow Leopard COoservation Grants funding.