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Gripenberg, U. Comparison of chromosome banding patterns in the snow leopard (Panthera uncial) and in other felids 1982 135-138
Tsherbakov B.V. About rare and endangered mammal species in the East Kazakhstan region 1982 203-204
Sultanov G.S. Some results of nature conservation in Uzbekistan 1982 3-4
Sludsky A.A. Genus Snow leopard Uncia Gray, 1854. Snow leopard Uncia uncia Schreber, 1775 1982 Vol. III, Part 2. 222-240
Sludskiy A.A. Mammals 1982 55-79
Plyaskin V.E. Rare Felidae species in the Chatkal valley of the West Tien Shan 1982 41-42
Aromov B. Materials on background animals of the Kyzylsu nature reserve 1982 9-10
Kovshar A.F. A problem of conservation of rare and endangered vertebrate animals in the mountains of southeast Kazakhstan 1982 56-58
Kovshar A.F. Preservation of gene pool of rare and endangered animal species 1982 100-107
Kovshar A.F. A problem of rare and endangered animal species in Kazakhstan 1982 99-101