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Green, M. Letter 1980
Zverev, M.D. The snow leopard 1980
Freeman, H. Breeding and behavior of the snow leopard 1980
Alexander, D. Report from a troubled land: The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan crushed oe of the most promising conservation programs in the Third World 1980
Jackson, R. A radio-telemetry study of the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) in Nepal with emphasis on conservation and predator-prey relations 1980
Rieger, I. Observations on the ontogeny of ounces, Uncia uncia (Schreber, 1775) 1980
Woodland Park Zoo No vacancy 1980
Turner, L. Oklahoma City Zoo-Twenty Nine Snow Leopards 1980 Int.Ped Book of Snow Leopards 2 96-111
Rieger, I. Some difficulty breeding ounces, (Uncia uncia) at zoological gardens 1980 Int.Ped Book of Snow Leopards 2 76-95
Kuznetsnov, G.U.; Matyushkin, E.N. The snow leopard hunts 1980 Int.Ped.Book of Snow Leopards 11 44-48