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  Author (up) Title Year Publication Volume Pages Links
Aizin B.M. Rare predatory mammal species and their protection in Kyrgyzstan 1979 4-5 details   url
Aspinall, J. New enclosures at Howletts and Port Lympne 1979 2 38 details   url
Blomqvist, L. The 1978 register for the captive population of snow leopards, Panthera uncia 1979 International Zoo News 26 17-23 details   url
Clevenger, S., S. Breeding snow leopards in the north 40 1979 Zoosounds 12-13 details   url
Elkin K.F. Predatory mammals in the Eastern Kazakhstan 1979 34-36 details   url
Esipov V.M. Chatkal mountain-forest nature reserve 1979 64-68 details   url
Fedosenko A.K. Relationship between the predators and wild ungulates in North Tien Shan and Jungar Alatau 1979 72-74 details   url
Fore, D. The snow leopard factory 1979 San Antonio's News from the Zoo 5 1-2 details   url
Freeman, H. Phantom cat 1979 Puget Soundings 8-13 details   url
Ganhar, J. The Wildlife of Ladakh 1979 details  
Heiz A.V. Some legal issues of snow leopard protection in the USSR 1979 244-245 details   url
Houston Zoological Society Houston's summer snow 1979 Hou-Zoo H2=H3 details   url
Ishunin G.I. A problem of original fauna conservation in Uzbekistan 1979 199-200 details   url
Ishunin G.I. Protected areas and waters of Uzbekistan 1979 49-63 details   url
Jackson, R. Aboriginal hunting in West Nepal with reference to musk deer (Moschus moschiferous) and the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) 1979 Biol.Conservation 16 63-72 details   url
Jackson, R.M. Snow Leopards in Nepal 1979 Oryx 15 191-195 details   url
Kolosov A.M. Genus Snow leopards Uncia 1979 150-151 details   url
Mitropolskiy O.V. The Red Book of the USSR (Rare and endangered bird and animal species in Uzbekistan) 1979 28-48 details   url
Pokrovskiy V.S. The role of zoos in conservation of rare predator mammal species 1979 54-56 details   url
Satimbekov R. Nature reserves of Kazakhstan and protection of rare predatory animal species 1979 64-65 details   url
Schaller, G..B. Between two worlds 1979 Animal Kingdom 82 4-21 details   url
Sokolov V.E. Snow leopard genus 1979 238-240 details   url
The Current Digest of the Soviet Press Soviet Zoos: Limited in Imagination, Space and Numbers 1979 The Current Digest of the Soviet Press XXXL 5 details   url
Vyrypaev V.A. Ecologic prerequisites for predatory mammal conservation in the mountain biocenosis of the Issyk-Kul area 1979 18-19 details   url
Zhiryakov V.A. The influence of large predators on wild mammal populations in the Almaty nature reserve 1979 37-39 details   url
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