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Sosnovskiy I.P. Backstage of the Zoo 1981 52-79
White, S.D.; Stannard, A.A.; Ihrke, P.J.; Rosser, E.J. Therapy of demodicosis in snow leopard challenged 1981 J Am Vet Med Assoc 178 877-878
Phillips, L.G. Palpebral coloboma in three snow leopards 1981 1-8
Chubykina, H.L., Shilo, R.A. A study of diurnal activity rhythms in snow leopards and lynx (Panthera uncia and Felix lynx) at Novosibirsk Zoo 1981 International Zoo Yearbook 21 193-196
Anonymous Snow leopard news: Big game hunts bag endangered animals! 1981 Wild Cat 2 21-23
Friends of the Earth Like the coat? The last owner was killed in it. 1981 Wildlife
Green, M. A check-list and some notes concerning the mammlas of the Langtang National Park, Nepal 1981 Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 78 77-87
Anonymous Rodney Jackson: Winner of a Rolex Award for Enterprise 1981 1981
Aromov B. Materials on background animals of the Kyzylsu nature reserve 1982 9-10
Aromov, B. The Materials of the Numbers of Dispersed Animal Species in Kyzylsu Nature Reserve 1982