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Jordan, B. Der Schneeleopard: Schneeleoparden in der Natur 2010 Manati 18-21
Ale, S., Thapa, K., Jackson, R., Smith, J.L.D. The fate of snow leopards in and around Mt. Everest 2010 Cat News 53 19-21
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Richardson, N. The snow leopard: ghost of the mountains 2010 The telegraph
Rosen, T. From Yellowstone to the Karakorums: A journey to understand conflicts with large carnivores 2010 NRCC News 23 12-13
WWF Russia & Mongolia WWF Altai-Sayan Newsletter 2010
Devendra, T. & Chalise, M. Population and habitat of Himalayan thar (Hemitragus jemlahicus) in Langtang Himalaya, Langtang National Park (LNP), Nepal 2010 Special issue on the occasion of 15th Wildlife Week 37-46
Hameed, S. Population status of the snow leopard and its conflict with local people in laspur valley, Chitral, Pakistan 2010 1-77
Ashraf, N. Competition For Food Between Markhor And Domestic Goat In Chitral, Pakistan 2010 1-76
Khatoon, R. Snow leopard (uncia uncia) diet selection in the Chitral area 2010 1-90