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International Snow Leopard Trust Indo-US Snow Leopard Project 1986 Snowline No. 10
International Snow Leopard Trust First SLIMS Workshop Held in China 1993 Snowline xi 9
International Snow Leopard Trust Snow Leopards in Ancient Artwork In Central Asia 1994 Snowline xii
International Snow Leopard Trust Trade Continues in Snow Leopard Skins 1996 Snowline xiv
Ale, S.B. Religion and Snow Leopards in Nepal 1998 Snow Line xvi 10-10
Anonymous Trade continues in snow leopard skins 1996 Snow Line Xiv
Bhatnagar, Y.V.; Stakrey, R.W.; Jackson, R. A Survey of Depredation and Related Wildlife-Human Conflicts in Hemis National Park, Ladakh (India) 2000 Snow Line xvi 3
Blomqvist, L. The 1982 international captive snow leopard report 1983 Snow Line 2 1-1
Braden, K. Snow leopard conservation in the USSR 1988 Snow Line Fall 2-2
Dzhanyspaev, A.D. Hunting Behavior of the Snow Leopard at the Alma-Atinski Nature Reserve 1991 Snow Line ix 4-6