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WWF Mongolia Programme Office Communication and public awareness programme 2010 54
WWF Mongolia WWF Mongolia Kiosk Design 2007 2007 1-8
WWF Mongolia Mobile Training Team Report on Strengthening of Cooperation/Partnership among Law Enforcement Agencies for Reduction and Elimination of Environmental Violations and Crimes 2008 1-40
WWF Mongolia Works done by Irves-1 operative group in 2009 2009 1-6
WWF Mongolia Brief report of the trainning on wool organized in centre of Uvs aimag 2008
Wu, D., Maming, R., Xu, G., Zhu X., Buzzard, P. Relationship between ibex and snow leopard about food chain and population density in Tian Shan 2015 Selevinia 186-190
Worley, M.B. Hypogammaglobulinemia in snow leopards 1982 International Pedigree Book of Snow Leopards, Vol. 3 3 129-130
Worley, M.B. Chronic liver disease in snow leopards: A possible viral etiology 1982 International Pedigree Book of Snow Leopards, Vol. 3 3 131-133
Woodroffe, R.; Ginsberg, J.R. Edge effects and the extinction of populations inside protected areas 1998 Science Washington D.C. 280 2126-2128
Woodland Park Zoological Gardens Symposium held on snow leopard 1982 Woodland Park Zoological Gardens Newsletter 1-3