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Ahmad, A. Protection of Snow Leopards through Grazier Communities:Some Examples from WWF-Pakistan's Projects in the Northern Areas 1994 265-272
Ahmad, A. Community-Based Natural Resources Management in Northern Pakistan 1997 148-154
Anonymous Central Asian Republic Snow Leopard Specialists Plan Joint Conservation Strategy
Anonymous Snow leopard trade in court 1984
Anonymous Trade continues in snow leopard skins 1996 Snow Line Xiv
Anonymous Livestock Predation Control Workshop 1999
Bangjie, T.; Bingxing, Q. The Status and Problems of Snow Leopards in Captivity in China 1994 149-156
Barnes, L.J. The Overt Illegal Fur Trade in Kathmandu, Nepal 1989 1-17
Bo, W. Snow Leopard Smuggling Aborted 2000