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Hillard, D. Launching a snow leopard study in the Qomolangma Nature Reserve 1992 Snow Line 10 8-9
Hillard, D. Field report form the Himala V an Snow Leopard Project: Survey In Hongu Valley After participating in the Fifth International Snow Leopard Symposium in Srinagar 1986 1-3
Hillard, D. Update on the Himalayan Snow Leopard Project 1985 No. 8
Hunter, D.O.; Jackson, R.; Freeman, H.; Hillard, D. Project snow leopard: a model for conserving central Asia biodiversity 1994 247-252
Jackson, R., Hillard, D. Non-invasive Monitoring to Support Local Stewardship of Snow Leopards and Their Prey: Annual progress report summary 2003 1-6
Jackson, R., Hillard, D. The Snow Leopard Conservancy Year-end report 2002 2002
Jackson, R.; Hillard, D. Tracking the elusive snow leopard 1986 National Geographic 169 792
Jackson, R.; Wangchuk, R.; Hillard, D. Grassroots Measures to Protect the Endangered Snow Leopard from Herder Retribution: Lessons Learned from Predator-Proofing Corrals in Ladahh 2002