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Blomqvist, L. The 1982 international captive snow leopard report 1983 Snow Line 2 1-1
Blomqvist, L. Conservation Measurements taken for the Captive Snow Leopard, Panthera uncia, Population and a Report of Fluctuations in Stock in 1983 1984 Int.Ped Book of Snow Leopards 4 55-71
Gripenberg, U.; Blomqvist, L.; Pamilo, P.; Soderlnd, V.; Tarkkanene, A.; Whalberg, C.; Varvio-Aho, S.L.; Virtaranta-Knowles, K. Multiple Ocular Colomboma (MOC) in Snow Leopards 1988 Hereditas 103 221-229
Blomqvist, L. The Development of the Captive Snow Leopard Population between 1984-1985 1988 181-189
Blomqvist, L. Status of the captive snow leopard (Panthera uncia) in 1987 1989 International Zoo News 3-11
Blomqvist, L. Captive Snow Leopard Report for 1989 1989 International Zoo News 265 5-14
Blomqvist, L. The snow leopard, Panthera uncia, in captivity during the last 30 years (1961-1991) 1993 24-37