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Title: Body measurements of free-ranging snow leopards across their range

Author: Johansson, O., Agvaantseren, B., Jackson, R., Kachel, S., Kubanychbekov, Z., McCarthy, T., Mishra, C., Ostrowski, S., Kulenbekov, R., Rajabi, A. M., Subba, S.

Abstract: We provide body measurements of snow leopards collected from 55 individuals sampled in five of the major mountain ranges within the species distribution range; the Altai, Hindu Kush, Himalayas, Pamirs and Tien Shan mountains. Snow leopards appear to be similarly sized across their distribution range with mean body masses of 36 kg and 42 kg for adult females and adult males, respectively. In contrast to other large felids, we found little variation in body size and body mass between the sexes; adult males were on average 5% longer and 15% heavier than adult females.


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