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Title: Spatio-temporal behaviour of predators and prey in an arid environment of Central Asia

Author: Franchini, M., Atzeni, L., Lovari, S., Nasanbat, B., Ravchig, S., Herrador, F. C., Bombieri, G., Augugliaro, C.

Abstract: The mechanisms of interactions between apex and smaller carnivores may range from competition to facilitation. Conversely, interactions between predators and prey are mainly driven by the prey reducing the likelihood of encounters with predators. In this study, we investigated (i) the spatio-temporal interactions between an apex (the snow leopard) and a meso-predator (the red fox), and (ii) the temporal interactions between the snow leopard and its potential prey (Siberian ibex, argali, Asian wild ass, Tolai hare) through camera-trapping in the Mongolian Great Gobi-A. The probability of occurrence for the red fox was higher in presence of the snow leopard than in its absence. Moreover, the red fox activity pattern matched that of the snow leopard, with both species mostly active at sunset. This positive spatio-temporal interaction suggests that the presence of the snow leopard may be beneficial for the red fox in terms of scavenging opportunities. However, other explanations may also be possible. Amongst prey, the Siberian ibex and the argali were mainly active during the day, whereas the Asian wild ass and the Tolai hare were more nocturnal. These findings suggest that potential prey (especially the Siberian ibex and the argali) may shape their behaviour to decrease the opportunity of encounters with the snow leopard. Our results have revealed complex interactions between apex and smaller predators and between apex predator and its potential prey.


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