SLN Webinar – Drivers of snow leopard poaching and illegal trade in Pakistan


The Snow Leopard Network invites you to join us for this Webinar on Tuesday, 24th May, 2022.  The snow leopard is facing a range of conventional and emerging threats. Poaching of snow leopards for illegal trade has been identified as one of the major threats to the species across many parts of its range. Several factors limit our ability to monitor illegal wildlife trade (IWT) and put in place effective interventions. The 2013 Bishkek declaration calls for “firm action to stop poaching and illegal trade of snow leopard and other wildlife by adopting comprehensive legislation, strengthening national law-enforcement system, enhancing national, sub regional, regional and international collaboration and developing effective mechanism to eliminate the illegal demand for snow leopard and other wildlife products”.

Please join us in welcoming our guest speaker Fathul Bari from the University of Chitral, who will share updates on this prominent threat to snow leopards in Pakistan. This talk will be followed by a discussion where we explore ideas to combat this omnipresent threat to snow leopards in greater detail, drawing upon our guests experiences and knowledge from across the world. We will have Dr. Koustubh Sharma share recent developments from GSLEP that curates a collaborative database on poaching and illegal wildlife trade in snow leopards.

About the Talk

Poaching and trade of snow leopards is poorly documented in Pakistan. Pakistan is however ranked for greater poaching incidents as compared to its share in the global snow leopard range. The country is also ranked among the top five countries where 90% of snow leopard poaching occurs, although seizure records for the country are low. During this talk we will discuss the dynamics and drivers of snow leopard poaching and trade from Pakistan.

Our Guests

Mr. Fathul Bari is based at the Department of Zoology, University of Chitral. He works on wildlife resources of the mountainous areas focusing on contemporary conservation issues. His research on illegal wildlife trade is based on data collected from local respondents, markets, media, NGOs and divisional & provincial wildlife departments. He has been working in the snow leopard range for the past several years and gained vast experience in wildlife research and conservation.

Koustubh Sharma is the International Coordinator of the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP) and the Assistant Director of Conservation Policy and Partnerships at the Snow Leopard Trust. With more than 20 years of experience in ecological research, wildlife conservation and training, he helps build collaborations and coordinate alliances at multiple levels for snow leopard research and conservation.

Date/Time:  Tuesday 24th May, 2022 at 1:30 PM IST (India)

Location: ZOOM, to join this talk, REGISTER HERE

 Please note:

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  • Please feel free to write questions in the comment area and there will be time for questions/discussion at the end of the talk.



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